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Welcome to Site Engineering Training Courses, where we are dedicated to providing top-notch training courses for Site Engineers and Setting Out Engineers, designed to empower individuals with the competence and confidence needed to thrive in this industry. From theory to practice, from classrooms to construction sites, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We have training centres nationwide, including London, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Manchester.

Our training courses are more than just classes; they are gateways to a successful and fulfilling career in construction.

Courses We Offer

Our carefully curated courses are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals at various stages of their engineering journey. From mastering essential software to honing hands-on skills, our courses are the stepping stones to a successful career in the construction industry.

2-Day AutoCAD Course(Weekends)Online

This weekend AutoCAD course is thoughtfully crafted for individuals with busy weekdays.

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5-Day Theory & Practical Setting Out(Weekdays)

This weekday course is designed to equip you with both knowledge and practical skills.

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2-Day Crash Programme-Theory & Practical Setting Out(2-Weekends)

Learn to master setting out and surveying techniques using cutting-edge tools.

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Our training courses are not just about delivering information; they’re about nurturing potential. With us, you'll gain a solid foundation, harness advanced techniques, and develop the mindset of a proactive problem solver.

Theory & Practical Course

We offer courses that combine theoretical and practical setting out and surveying exercises on-site. These courses offer a transformative learning experience that bridges the gap between theoretical understanding and practical application in the world of engineering.

Our course curriculum is thoughtfully curated to cover a wide range of topics essential for Site Engineers and Setting Out Engineers. From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with a well-rounded education.

AutoCAD Course

Our AutoCAD Course is designed for individuals aspiring to harness the power of AutoCAD within the construction industry. With the ever-increasing demand for accuracy and efficiency in design and planning, mastering AutoCAD software is a crucial skill for Site Engineers and Setting Out Engineers. Our course is tailored to empower you with the proficiency needed to boost project productivity, elevate your confidence, and excel in on-site responsibilities.

In this two-day immersive journey, you’ll dive deep into the world of AutoCAD and explore its applications within the construction landscape. From fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, we cover a wide spectrum of topics to equip you with a well-rounded skill set.

Our AutoCAD course is ideal for senior engineers seeking to enhance their design capabilities, section engineers looking to streamline their project planning, site engineers aiming to gain a competitive edge in the field, setting out engineers interested in precision-driven design and execution, and QA engineers striving for meticulous accuracy in their work.

Crash Programme Course

Our intensive Crash Programme Course is a two-weekend journey tailored for individuals seeking a fast-track route to mastering crucial engineering skills. Designed to accommodate busy schedules without compromising on quality, this course is a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on practice, equipping you with essential knowledge to excel as a Site Engineer or Setting Out Engineer.

From levelling techniques to software mastery, gain essential skills that are crucial for the competitive world of construction. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer looking to enhance your capabilities or an aspiring professional, this course will propel you towards success.


Naeem Rahman

I have been working in the construction industry for 38 years. I graduated from Kingston University London (one of the best universities in civil engineering). I have vast experience in multi-story concrete frame, steel frame structures, roads, motorways, bridges, railway, airports, houses, powerstation.

In these long years, I have done deep drainage, underground ducting, Piles, foundations, heavy earth moving, volumes, and many more. I have passed on my knowledge to and trained young college students who started their profession as chain boys and are now working as senior engineers or site managers.

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